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A Unique Wine Tasting Experience
A Horizontal Tasting From 3 Barrels

A unique opportunity to taste through 3 consecutive years of our limited-production flagship wine, Syrah co-fermented with Viognier from the Joseph Christy Vineyards Estate. Compare how the conditions of each growing year influence the final product.

Tasting & Tours by Appointment Only

2018 Gravitas Estate Syrah

90 pts


Amongst a flight of Washington Syrah's, this wine stood out as different from the pack. While most appreciate the typical robust blueberry juiciness from Syrah, this wine takes a left turn and heads somewhere thru the Rhone Valley of France, where the wine has more savory and herbal elements and isn't quite as concentrated. Instead, it has a nice balance, has just enough bright acid to keep it light on it's feet but not light in color or flavor. Fermented in neutral, open-topped French Oak barrels along with 5% Viognier, then aged gracefully for 19 months in French Oak. An intriguing style amongst the backdrop of many jammy Washington Syrah’s.

90 Points in the $25-$35 Category - The Wine Panel

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"Considering the rich history of the land that supports an excellent vineyard location, coupled with his award-winning past performances, Washington wine enthusiasts should have little reason to doubt him."

Dan Radil

Our Journey
Honoring History with a New beginning

Joseph Christy, who acquired and first developed the farm in 1966, was a chemical engineer, one of the original 125 engineers assigned to the Manhattan Project during WWII. He took to agriculture as he had to science, with natural skill, zeal, and a style all his own. Given his experimental, inventive nature, he was game to try new things and wasn’t afraid to take a risk on a fresh idea. That spirit of innovation is the signature ingredient in Joseph Christy wines.

Today, the land is the hero of our wine-growing operation. We started with profound respect for this place, our place – seeking guidance from the soil, the wind, water, and weather that conspire to nurture our fruit from the vine to the bottle.