Signature Experience

A vertical tasting from 3 barrels.

A Vertical Tasting Experience
Enjoy Comparing Our Current Release & Barrel Samples of Our Next 2 Upcoming Releases

We invite you to join us in a fun wine tasting exercise. A horizontal flight of our flagship Syrah tasted side by side as we guide you through the nuances of each year that influenced how the wine shaped over time.

Taste your way through each year and identify how the different flavor profiles have developed over time. See the vibrant color of young wines and how they change with maturity. Feel the sense of pride in creating these award-winning wines.

Snacks and water available (COVID-Compliant)

*By appointment only to assure you the best experience possible. Please contact us or call (509) 993-7871 to arrange your visit.

Current Release


Gravitas Estate Syrah


Coming soon, our 2019 Gravitas Estate Syrah opens with exuberant aromas of wild blackberries with flavors of leather, black pepper, and spice. There is a kinetic mouthfeel of tannins that award the palate.

Current Release

Joseph Christy Wine Bottle

Gravitas Estate Syrah


The 2020 Gravitas Estate Syrah is maturing nicely. The theme is one of black cherry and black currant joined by peppercorns, fresh herbs, and a sense of woodsy.

In Barrel

Wine Barrel with Joseph Christy Logo

Gravitas Estate Syrah


To be bottled in Spring 2023!

100% Estate Grown, Produced, & Bottled

An Immersive Experience
Barrel Samples & Vineyard Tours

At Joseph Christy Vineyards, we are a small family operation growing our own estate grapes, and hand-making the wine ourselves in our on-site production facility. This allows us to give you a fully immersive experience beyond the wine tasting. Take a walk through the vineyards, learn about our land, get a glimpse of harvest, or taste straight from the barrel.
A unique experience you won't soon forget.

pulling wine from barrel
Joseph Christy wine bottle with awards
Joseph Christy wine bottle next to glass

Award-Winning Wines. A Unique Tasting Experience.