A Life-Long Love For The Land

Seeking guidance from the soil, the wind, water and weather that conspire to nurture our fruit from vine to bottle.

Joseph Christy
A Brilliant & Insatiably Curious Mind

Joseph Christy, who acquired and first developed the farm in 1966, was a chemical engineer, one of the original 125 engineers assigned to the Manhattan Project during WWII. He moved into the area from Philadelphia, the offspring of French and Irish immigrants. While not formally trained as a farmer, he was a wide-eyed “doer” with an insatiable curiosity and good mind for business. He took to agriculture as he had to science, with natural skill, zeal, and style all his own. Given his experimental, inventive nature, he was game to try new things and wasn’t afraid to take a risk on a fresh idea. That spirit of innovation is the signature ingredient in Joseph Christy wines.

Joseph Christy and wife

In loving partnership for 52 years, Mary Hudgins and Joseph Christy met while she was working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Richland, Washington. A native of Texas, Mary loved rural life. She was fiercely independent and could be found driving the tractor or tending the animals on the family farm. She loved people and animals. She was well known for her entertaining skills, often delighting guests with her delicious pies and homemade bread. Mary was a devout Catholic who cared very much for her community, a core value she shared with her husband and daughter.

Joseph Christy

Streadfast & True
Joseph Christy was a man of his word

His forthright nature attracted friends and business associates alike. People came to rely on him for sound judgment in all areas of his life. His colleagues trusted his scientific instincts, his family knew well his balanced way of weighing options and landing on just the right solution, and the community around the farm saw him as a wise businessman with a flair for trying new things.

historic photo at devils bend

Old Word Sensibility. New World Pioneering.

Our Family Roots

Denis and Mary Hyatt share a love of the land and respect for the agricultural process, as both come from rural roots where experiencing nature in all its forms and seasons is its own reward.

Denis grew up in a farming and ranching family in Western Montana with a 130-year history in that area. His family instilled a strong work ethic and placed a high value on the importance of education. After four years in the Navy, Denis became a physical therapist, a career he enjoyed for 27 years. During that time, he ran his own business including two clinics for a total of 23 year in private practice. After selling that business, he took his entrepreneurial skills in a new direction and earned a degree in Enology and Viticulture at Walla Walla Community College, which led to the launch of Joseph Christy Vineyards.

Mary grew up on two farms along the banks of the Columbia River near the Tri-Cities in Benton County, WA, the first of which was covered by water when the John Day Dam was built. It was just a few miles away from the current Joseph Christy estate. She attended the two-room schoolhouse at Paterson, WA, up until the fourth grade then went on to middle and high school in Kennewick, WA. Growing up out in the country, she visited her friends on horseback, spent lots of time exploring the area and developed an independent spirit, just like her father. Her academic passion led her to nursing and a specialization in oncology. As an oncology nurse for 34 years, Mary has fulfilled her desire to help those who are suffering. She combines her keen science and medical skills with an intuitive sense of how to manage complex, time-sensitive challenges. Her no-nonsense pragmatism is an invaluable strength in the winemaking business just as it has been in her healthcare career.

That Spirt of Innovation
The signature ingredient in Joseph Christy wines

mary looking at vines
sunshine reflecting on windmill
denis walking through vines

Exquisite Washington Wine. Handmade With Passion.